About Hit Points

Contrary to the WFRP, there is no Wounds in the game. Purpose of the Warhammer Wounds was only a "life points counter", describing physical damage. Hit Points, originating from the earliest editions of D&D, are much more abstract - aside from physical condition they may depict almost every aspect of the character's status - effects of fatigue, magical drain or even hangover. Here are some more straight examples of additional purposes of HP in the mechanics of MFRP:

  • Casting spells (1e-style spells, not 2e / WFB style) cost you certain amount of HP. There will be appropriate talents helpful in reducing the cost.
  • Fatigue, aside from the negative test modifiers, may reduce HP (really screwed up CON tests).
  • Character at 0 HP is not dead but just critically wounded / exhausted. Critical Hits are very important aspect of Warhammer FRP so they can't be missed :D
  • Characters exhausted to the level of 0 HP are unconscious until they can regain at least one Hit Point.
  • If critically injured characters become fatigued, they drop unconscious as well.
These ideas are still in very experimental stage and will be extensively tested in the next few weeks.

More information about the abstract Hit Points can be found here.


  1. NEVER forget the critical hits. WFRP has some of the best ones in gaming.

    1. I will not - it was one of the most defining elements of the WFRP mechanics. And it was a real fun to lose an eye or hand in combat :D


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