Career groups

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, I do not plan to add career classes, as I view it as absolutely unnecessary. However, lack of career classes leads to problems with determination of starting career - one huge table will lead only to confusion and almost no chance to hit a career desired by a player, even with multiple rolls.

Idea is simple - there will be several career groups, roughly divided by the nature of particular careers. No stat level requirements - any player may choose any group.

Preliminary list of the career groups:

  • Academic - educated men, or pretending to be educated.
  • Working Class - peasants, servants and various laborers, both from urban and rural environment.
  • Military Men - professional fighters.
  • Nobility - rather obvious group. Still I'm not sure if it will be included, mostly because of lack of many noble careers.
  • Professional Criminals - from beggars and grave robbers to cutthroats and thieves.
  • Townsfolk - various residents of towns and cities, from tradesmen to scum.
  • Rangers and Woodsmen - hunters, poachers, roadwardens, toll keepers etc.
  • Entertainers and Scroundels - always ready to entertain you. Or entertain themselves at your expense.

As these groups are very general and have fluent limits, some careers will appear in several groups. In example, Mugger may belong to Townsfolk and Professional Criminals groups, while Roadwarden may be picked from Rangers and Woodsmen and Military Men groups.


  1. What exactly are the differences between 1E's career [i]classes[/i] and MFRP's career [i]groups[/i]?

    As far as this very post goes, "no requirement" and "may belong to multiple groups" are the ones, but other than that?

    I must admit I am not so much familiar with 1E, so please excuse for my ignorance.

    1. You named all differences :-)
      I think that lack of requirements is very big difference - now player may play dumb (thus not very succesful) wizard or fighter that cannot fight :D

    2. I see. Thanks for your answer!


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