Differences between the editions

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Short explanation of the differences

  • Skill advances are now dependant on the selected profession - you can't just buy +10 advance for 100xp like in the 2ed WFRP.
  • There are no Fate Points but players may "push their luck" to try avoid death (it will be explained soon).
  • There are no mixed scale for the basic stats - all abilities are percentile.
  • There are no Magic Points in Morgenstern FRP - all magic spells are based on Hit Points.
  • Basic ideas about Hit Points were explained here.
  • Corruption track (Taint Points) will have mechanics similar to the Insanity Points (and similar to the corruption rules from Dark Heresy).


  1. Loving this so far, all the fun stuff, and the corruption points thingy looks like it'll be fun...

  2. I read through all of your blog posts today, and as someone who has never played WFRPG but has always been interested... I'm very much intrigued.

    Are you planning on putting out a pdf of your clone/take of the system in the future?

    1. Yes I do - blog posts are only a beginning :)


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