No fate, just luck

I thought a lot about using Fate Points and / or Luck Points in the Morgenstern game. Here are some initial thoughts and ieas about using luck in MFRP:

  • PCs may use Luck Points to re-roll any one failed test, such as characteristics check, skill check etc.;
  • PCs may use Luck Points to add one degree of success to the result of the test (even after rolling a dice);
  • Starting number of Luck Points is equal to one plus one per each stat score ended by number seven;
  • Dying PC may "push his luck" to avoid death but must have at least one Luck Point still available. I will make an appropriate table with some effects of such deed (see below);
  • I don't know how Luck Points should be restored - in WFRP style, once per game session, or maybe during some extraordinary deeds / purchased with XP. Any help with it will be appreciated :)
I'm still not sure how to handle the role of Luck Points as Fate Points - it's fairly powerful option to not decrease number of LP by one, but if I create the table of "death and avoiding it" correctly, it may be enough. Basic ideas about table entries:

  • It wasn't your day - you die anyway (result of 00 on d100);
  • Bonus 100xp for surviving near-death experience;
  • Additional insanity points;
  • Demon or maybe even Chaos God sensing the "disturbance" and centering his attention on the PC;
  • Wrath of god?
  • Additional critical effect?
  • Nasty mutilation?
  • Your luck is ending - permanently decrease number of Luck Points by one.

If you have better / additional ideas about it - feel free to drop a comment :)


  1. Maybe people responding to the character as maybe touched by a god/chaos for surviving when there was no real chance of it? Just a thought...

    1. Not a problem sir. I've been loving what you've done so far and look forward to the rest of it. been reading a few opinions on WFRP recently about how dark and gritty a system it is, but I love that about it. It sounds like you're keeping that side of things going well. If you're planning on running WFRP as any kind of horror game, and why wouldn't you, then I offer a few tips of my own.


  2. I am a little confused by the number of Luck Points. Say, if I have a stat of 37, I have 2 LPs? And if I increase it to 42, will I have only 1 LP?

    1. No, it only affects starting amount of Luck Points - ingane stat changes doesn't affect it. During game you can increase your number of Luck Points only by purchasing special trait(s) or as GM rewards.


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