Useless Careers

One of the most remarkable elements of the Original Game was tons of rather weak or even useless careers. Classes like Boatman, Herdsman or Servant has almost nothing to offer both skill- and stat-wise. But I don't know any other game that offer opportunity to start gaming with real "no one" and evolve into someone important. And as it was one of the most appealing elements of WFRP (at least for me), I plan to incorporate these "ideas" into Morgenstern FRP. At the beginning of work I thought about more DH-ish career paths (of course with possibility to change the path) but later I realized that multitude of not-so-awesome careers was one of the most important element of Warhammer FRP.

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  1. The quite new Dragon Crawl Classic RPG (by Goodman Games) offers a similar opportunity: start with 0-level nobodies and make them high-level somebodies. Of course, the death rate of those nobodies is pretty high - just as expected.

    No WFRP-ish game (simulacrum or else) would be complete without characters who are not completely helpless but at the same time lack the power "adventurers" are associated with.


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