Useless Careers - more of them?

A quick question to all readers of this blog - do you think that we need more interesting but rather useless / helpless careers? And if yes - do you have some ideas of new careers? I'm completely clueless what could be added into MFRP.


  1. Speaking as someone who is trying to create a WFRP1e/Titan (from Fighting Fantasy)/OpenQuest mashup, I'd say 'no' or 'maybe'. And I'd also say, 'I like what you're doing'.

    When I say 'no', I speaking from my own preferences - which these days run to creating adventurers (not super-heroes) ready to play from the off. I've got a more 'perilous dungeoneering' feeling from WFRP1e these days than the 'die in an alley' vibe I used to run with. If I ever get round to running my WFRP1e sandbox in Titan, I'll be letting everyone choose their basic career. Which equals appropraite skills and equipment for adventuring. Maybe replacement characters for the party would have their starting careers randomly rolled, but joining an existing party they'll at least be able to afford a shield and a pot helmet! But that's not the vision of what WFRP1e does/can do well for most people.

    When I say 'maybe', I'm saying so because a good bunch of 'useless' (at adventuring) careers would emulate WFRP1e more closely, and would all NPCs to be described using the same career-system.

    Part of the reason my own attempt is based on OpenQuest is that it is simple, has a unified task resolution system, and all you need to describe an NPC is think about their level of competency in a 'skill' and assign a number within that range. Plus, RuneQuest 3 has a sophisticated career system (in the advanced book), Mongoose RuneQuest II has character skills based on prior careers, as does Renaissance (OpenQuest/MRQII[Legend]) in an Early Modern setting (i.e. guns). Careers/archetypes (whatever I call them in the end) are not meant to represent actual things in the world - characters are defined by their skills, attributes, and what they actually do - but be a way of getting characters up and running with enough time to get adventuring the same evening.

  2. Just found this blog and am enjoying what you're doing. Looking forward to seeing more.


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