Character creation - stats and so on


MC d20+20
RC d20+20
STR d20+20
CON d20+20
DEX d20+20
PER d20+20
INT d20+20
WLP d20+20
FEL d20+20
HP d6+4


MC d20+30
RC d20+10
STR d20+25
CON d20+25
DEX d20+15
PER d20+10
INT d20+20
WLP d20+25
FEL d20+15
HP d6+6


MC d20+20
RC d20+30
STR d20+15
CON d20+15
DEX d20+30
PER d20+30
INT d20+20
WLP d20+20
FEL d20+25
HP d6+3


MC d20+15
RC d20+25
STR d20+10
CON d20+20
DEX d20+25
PER d20+20
INT d20+20
WLP d20+15
FEL d20+25
HP d6+4

Alternate methods of stat determination
There are several additional methods to determine starting stat levels of the PCs. All of them are strictly optional:

  • 2d10: "classic" option. Slightly bigger chance for rounded score.
  • Roll 3d10, keep two highest numbers: good option for total wimps, afraid of playing crappy PCs.
  • 3d6: bigger chance for better scores but without option to hit starting stat of 40 (or 50, or 35, or... whatever).
Hit Points option for wimps
If a player is afraid that his PC will have low HP, he may re-roll "1" scored during determination of Hit Points. But there is a price for being a coward - if six is scored, he (or she, but ladies are often more courageous than males and don't choose such wimpy options) must subtract one point from the result.

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