Purposes of the Morgenstern FRP

There are several reasons why I started this blog (and writing of the Morgenstern Fantasy Role Play):

  • I was extremely dissatisfied by the second edition of WFRP, especially even more broken rules and shitty world changes. Form of the game (tiny and empty rulebook + tons of crappy supplements) was even worse. Third edition is just too different and too expensive for me (imagine how much I must pay with up to seven, eight players!).
  • Re-writing the whole system seems to be simpler than adding tons of house rules to the rulebook(s), especially when both editions have good and (very) bad things inside.
  • I know that there is a Zweihander (still unreleased tho) but it seems to be more "2.5 edition", while I want to make Morgenstern as more "1.5" edition.
  • We really need WFRP OSR and someone need to start it, along with Zweihander and Small But Vicious Dog.

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