Why choose Morgenstern, not house rules?

There are several reasons why I started to write Morgenstern ruleset instead of house ruling the Original Game. I think that same reasons may apply to any possible users of MFRP.

  • As I mentioned before, there are good ideas in both editions of the Original Game. Carrying that amount of rulebooks and jumping between them is really annoying...
  • ...and leads to stat incompatibilities. It's not a problem with most RPGs, but WFRP has tons of professions which stat blocks needs to be rewritten to apply more invasive house rules. Such massive modifications will be very time-consuming so I thought that making a separate rules system should be only little longer and more satisfying task.
  • Setting-less rules system may be used with almost any other game.
  • Some basic ideas, such as determining hit locations or luck system can be used with almost any other percentile mechanics. Unfortunately I don't believe that Morgenstern FRP will be modular enough to use all of its ideas in other games, but who knows?
  • Many people (including myself) finds complete rules systems more attractive than just several pages-long hacks.
  • I hope that there will be an awesome artwork in the MFRP rulebook!

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